No matter Bitcoin is down, Stay hungry on Blockchain!

2018 is going to the end with a huge difference comparing to the last year: Bitcoin’s price!

We’ve all experienced a very exciting (for some of us highly stressful) hype through last 12–13 months & maybe it was a completely new to majority of us. This level of volatility in a financial asset & all the dreams that could have come true if cryptocurrency charts didn’t change their way downward!

Anyway today Bitcoin is in its 4k channel & all other coins also share such bloodbath with it. Maybe we shouldn’t lose our faith in Bitcoin & Altcoins… Maybe we should take our focus out of all those charts, speculations, indicators, bulls & bears getting back to our own business or maybe… . Regardless of which path you choose to follow, I guess we can have a valuable take home yet & it is Blockchain.

No matter what the price of BTC, ETH, XRP & XYZ is, You, as technology fans, can still keep your mind fresh with following all the innovations that this disruptive technology offers everyday. Internet Money, isn’t the only product of Blockchain. It has a lot to offer, from the general ecosystem for decentralized applications (dApps), to Brendan Eich’s Private browser valuing your Attention, to decentralized file storage all are really exciting products/applications to switch to.

Of course I agree its hard to stay up to date in this field, in the information era! That’s where following websites like Coindesk can help. It will help you get informed of what is going on globally. Additionally if you like to follow blockchain news in your own language community, try to find the appropriate website in your country/community & stick with it. For example, in my mother tongue (Persian), Blockfarsi is a dedicated source of news & educational material on blockchain & cryptocurrencies. So, whenever I need to get updated information on Bitcoin price, I browse the dedicated bitcoin page there.

Long story short! Find a global/local news/educational website on blockchain & cryptocurrencies & follow it regularly. I hope you hear good news/pulse on your investments in addition to making a solid knowledge in Blockchain field.

Stay hungry, Stay decentralized!

Bitcoin 51% Attack?!

For those familiar with Bitcoin, one of the criticisms some illiterate people to Bitcoin make occasionally, is the famous 51% Attack ! Its also known as Majority Attack or Majority Hash Rate Attack.

I don’t want to go through this, because there are plenty of comprehensive resources/articles out there at your fingertips via Googling. I’m just here to share an interesting page, trying to convince people from a different POV.

Here it is from the : Cost of a 51% Attack.

I guess it’d be helpful, specially for numbers-persons. Take a look at eye-watering amount of money one should invest in attacking Bitcoin network, & Guess what happens next? The price will experience a free fall down to $0 !

So the common sense simply says: No worries, It Won’t Happen 🙂