Behrad Khodayar's homepage

If you've dropped by here suddenly, unfortunately there's no interesting stuff here. I'm so sorry for that.
But if you know why you are here, Shame one me, Because of the "What a garbage homepage!" you just said! ;-) Unfortunately I'm too lazy to maintain a homepage; But I've got a solution for you: you can preview websites or networks I visit occasionally.
FYI, I tweet here, You can call this my professional resume (outdated ofcourse!), I share my personal photos (1 in a million) on Instagram, & this is my favorite repository of creative gadget design ideas/DIYs, In addition to Twitter, Hashnode is my favorite dev social network & Trello is another service I use frequently for project management & etc. In Telegram, Skype, IRC channels (& almost any service I use) you can reach out to me by this handle: behradkhodayar . Thats all I can say. Now I feel like a civilized citizen who's not left his homepage away :-). I'm proud of myself. B-)

Thank you for stopping by,
Warm Regards,